Audience research

I looked into my audience by making a survey to find out what kind of people watch Drama series on the BBC and other programmes here are the results

  1. Are you male or female?

Male 7/10

Female 3/10

2. Age?

16- 18 6/10

18- 29 3/10

30- 44

45- 59 1/10


3. Are you employed?

Full time 4/10

Part time 4/10

If so what do you do?

Craft tutor at a hotel

Plumbing, heating & Gas engineer

Catering at Exeter City football club

4. Do you have a hobby?

Yes 10/10


Gaming 2/10

Skateboarding 2/10


Drawing, reading, creative writing


5. Which T.V channel do watch the most?

BBC 7/10

ITV 2/10

Channel four 2/10

Sky 1    2/10

Sky Atlantic

Netflix originals 8/10

Amazon prime

6. If you watch the BBC, do you follow any of their Drama series?


Doctor Who, Sherlock


Peaky Blinders, Line of duty, Happy Valley, Luther

7. Have you watched any the following shows?

Doctor Who 8/10  

Being Human 1/10


The professionals 1/10


Luther 5/10


Life on Mars 3/10


Torchwood  3/10


True blood


Buffy 1/10




The Walking Dead 7/10


All of the above


8. Would you watch a hybrid of those shows?

  1. Drama 2/10
  2. SCI FI 8/10

9. If you were watching a sci-fi TV drama series, which supernatural characters would prefer to see?

Vampires 2/10

Werewolves 1/10

Ghosts 6/10

Greek mythical creatures 2/10

Aliens 4/10

Time travellers 3/10

All of the above 2/10



This survey proved to be helpful because I found out what people were watching and what age range they were.  I am now going to input ideas into my trailer because of some of  the more popular TV shows people watched. I will also cut down the least popular monsters  and change them for the most popular, which were ghosts and aliens, and cut down the screen time of vampires and werewolves. I will now think about adding Greek myths to the storyline.


  Shows and Technical Research.

I carried out this research because this made the idea more real. Then I needed to see what kind of audience  would watch this trailer, as the mind-set I had was that it would be for an older more mature audience, eighteen plus  and would not be for the faint of hearted.

I held a focus group to explore my idea. I told them the main premise would be based on characters and less about the monsters. I asked them whether I should change things or keep it the same. They made a comparison to an American TV such as “Ghost Hunters “and said they are too over board, and I should not do anything like that. As one person pointed out, keep the Foley sound effects simple, and not over sell all the horror elements in the trailer. I then pointed out it will mainly focused on characters rather than over board effects, which is an idea they preferred overall.  It showed that people like my idea and I should not change anything about it.

7 Double click on this to get the full video.

TV shows research [Contextual research]

I looked at TV shows– Being Human, Luther, Life on mars and Doctor Who.

Doctor Who   Steven_Moffat_s_exclusive_Doctor_Who_series_nine_episode_guide

‘Weird shows’
‘BBC swaggerish’ [meaning it’s style is in an unmeasured context and there is nothing else like it. The BBC tend to go overboard with their Drama’s, that is it has become very common. For example, they mention it on Strictly Come Dancing.

Dark Format

Short – longer depending on the time slot it is being aired.
Short quick clips so you don’t really know what is going on but it is enough to get the audience hooked. The trailer does not feature main outline of the series. Usually the BBC will hype up Doctor Who more than other shows because it has ran for over 50 years.


Trailer usually put together post production
Technical (camera techniques & shots)
Multi hybrid camera
Cinematic shots

Mostly visual and impactful, short snappy bits of dialogue, generally shouting and/or moments of intense drama to draw in the audience.

Dramatic music in the background to add to the edginess and make it more entertaining.


Doctor Who logo- Many changes over the years but has remained the same overall not shown until the end.
All share BBC logo
The date of release
BBC one

Technical elements

As a viewer I think that adding all the visual effects, make up and costume design are  usually pretty good on low a budget. Even though the stories for this season were not so good the visual  aspects have improved, sometimes you can’t tell they are on low budget.


Teen and, beyond demographic – family show but a lot of episodes are not suitable for whole families. They will change tone often never being in the same world, one week there maybe a friendly jokey story and then the very next week the Doctor well be in hell.


Life on Mars trailer 2006


Asks a lot of questions to get the viewer interested in watching the show.
Set in 1973 and features their clothing style, cars, music, and old offices.  It may bring some viewers nostalgic of their lives in the 70’s or other 70’s crime dramas such as the Sweeney.

Has realism to the gritty style of the 1970’s. For any body who was not there at the time would enjoy seeing crime set in another setting and unlike other 70’s shows its not that old, so people maybe more interested in watching it.

The trailer is short.It only gives away the theme and the premise, the twist of the main character coming from 2006. He mysteriously travels in time to 1973 and he asks a lot of questions.They are trying to  get the viewer pulled in, but not too much information at a time so that leaves the viewer asking questions.

To make it look more like a 70’s show they have filmed the series in that that style of being quite gritty. Being a  down to earth show focusing more on character and story, it is not an effects heavy show because it is mainly a crime drama. it does have sci fi element but the show does really foucas on it.

This makes the filming style very simple and easy to follow. Which makes it takes longer to film, because they are focusing more on what it looks like rather that over board shots.

Life on mars logo.
Simple design features a white glowing fount, hinting that might be all a dream,and maybe he will wake up? The logo reminds outline reminds me of a body outline in a police crime scene. They may have chosen this because they want to remind you it is a crime drama and it is trying to do what it saids on the tin.
BBC logo- because they run the series and found it

Technical elements
Very well edited how the car form 2006 becomes a 1973 car to indicate that it may be a dream. The viewer watching will be surprised and want to watch more.  All the conventions have been chopped down to get the key bits of drama.

Mainly for older adults because it takes a lot of viewing to get into. The story in some areas may be confusing for some people, because dramas on this high level will not pull in the casual viewer who may only want to watch something simple. Because this will have an over arcing story viewers will have to watch for eight weeks. Teenagers may watch it but the over complex arc will be wilder people.

Being human trailer 2008



Very dark and moody. Shows all the main characters of the series and they have chosen scenes where the characters are relatable to the viewer. As they have special powers with one being a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf. All three are just trying to live normal lives but things get in the way.

There aren’t trying to put overboard. Because this series inset really about the monster more showing they are just trying life normal lives.

In ever show ever they have to show something going wrong, otherwise TV shows and films would be very boring.

But it has more realism that other shows because it is set in the Morden day. These people could live right next-door without you evening knowing which the purpose off the whole show.
As this show mainly focus on characters the format depend on what time of day it was shown. It was most likely aired late on BBC One and BBC Three, this is mainly because it features scary scenes for younger viewers. If it was shown at an earlier time they may have been cut down.

There is nothing really special about what it looks like. They have centred it about modern day. All the locations are set in modern with most of the shots being in the house they live.

The camera are simple. The location works are not, it will have the Multi hybrid camera, having many shots in the studio so they won’t have to keep moving one camera.

The shots that stand out are the darker scenes which are more disturbing view, this is due more towards the actors.

Nothing really mush is featured on the logo, it maybe white to reflect the moon light and all other things to do with horror.
BBC Three logo.
The program which is shown on.
Technical elements
The visual effects are really good for a British TV show. With one character partly becoming a werewolf, a shot of the vampire black eyes, the ghost moving through walls. They have shot this not only show who these characters are ,the usual things associated with these creatures like the vampire and the fanged teeth, some shots may have been darken since filming, because there is no natural lighting which is make ever scene look darker and creepier than it might have been.
This series is made for an older teen demographic, between the ages of 15-19. It may go higher than that. What makes me think this, is even though the characters may be a ghost they are still as likeable as any other humans they all go through things that the viewer may have gone through themselves, because the story lines are very real and they are just trying to fit in like many teenagers.
What makes me think it may go over eighteen, because the characters are in there 30’s and some people may have a slimmer outlook on life as them, because they all have jobs are trying to live together.

Luther series one trailer 2010




Sinister, twisted and dark. Luther shows the darker path of being a detective the trailer gives a belief outline on John Luther character, of him trying to get back into in his job, by proving he is stain and ready. The trailer does not show what he has done, his past is left a mystery that is the way the trailer gets you hooked in wanting more.  It is also quite brutal in some areas.


Mainly the trailer focus on the main character of John Luther, going over some of his dark character trades. It is a usual BBC trailer of being quite short not to give the viewers to much information at a time, by slowly pulling the audience in with edge rather then giving any details about the plot.

The filming style is modern, it uses a very grounded and down to earth, it uses the multi hybrid camera to get the most out of the filming. The scenes that show out well are all the action scenes to keep the viewer at the edge of their seats, warning more to try and bring more viewers in for people who are into action series.

The logo- The fount is very simple and is all in capitals, to stand out and in your face. The color is in red maybe to hint and the violent of the program and blood, maybe Luther is trying to face his demons with in him. The BBC logo is present at the end of the trailer and the date.

Technical elements-
The footage is enhanced to make it look better form the raw footage. The trailer moves brisk fully and at fast phase. Because of the edge and acting is excellent, even for a trailer. All the partially effects like the executions, gun fire have been timed at the right moments in the trailer.

There are two forms of audience. There are the girls and women who would watch the show because of the actor who plays Luther, Idris Elba.  They point in this trailer that he also was in a TV show called the wire. People who would have of watched that may watch this two, but female’s would watch it is because woman find him attractive, and have a lot of enjoyment watching it for that reason.

Technical Research.

The shots I have inside my head are not difficult, they are simple because I taken the gritty styles of the shows I looked at. It is just spending longer to make the camera work look good  and giving a scene of realism. As I will not have a lot of money to make the monsters, I have to focus a lot of effort on the main people involved in the story. If monster are to be in it they will have to cleverly filmed later on, as I will not be able to get too many actors. Later on I shall dress up myself, sourcing all the outfits in a costume shop. I have not thought of what monsters I will use yet.

I only need a video camera. It will be filmed and shot in roughly about two weeks, but I may also film during the weekends. I also want to use the Multi hybrid camera, to get used to using more than one camera. I would like the scenes to be shot form different angles, so I will get more shots in editing. It will also be useful in action shots, as I will not have to stop recording.

Then I may do other shots such as but I may not use all of them.

Wide shot

Panning shot

Close ups

The two shot

Establishing  shot

Over the shoulder shot

Extreme close up shot  



There maybe a lot of stunts to do as well, which I will practice, because there is one shot where I may have to jump over a bush. This I may have to do in two takes, because there is going to be a shot from behind the bush and then from the other side. I need to make sure it is not raining, so I will not slip and fall right into the bush. I did do a training course in stage combat so I should fine.

Apart form that I really do not need anything fancy. The main block will done in post production, by adding blood effects to the titles, Which be either done in photo shop or made in final cut, and  many other sound effects and sound track. Such as gunfire, intense music which will make it easier to watch.

Something slimmer to this.

Research reflection-

The research proved to be interesting because my idea was so original. I had to look a crime dramas, which it was, but it also had a sci – fi twist as well as horror elements. This meant it was hard to find a series which had all of these elements .

The Focus group helped to reinforce my outline ideas, this was reassuring because I felt confident to expand to content.

I had to blend all the sources together to get a grasp of my idea. I took elements out of Luther’s dark temper, Being humans down to earth style of making things more real, Doctor Who’s style of making it different every week, and Life on Mars’s style of filming.

The research gave me more idea of how to film this trailer. It gave the look and feel to it. It reminded me why the shows I looked at were so good. It gave me chance to blend all of these shows together and I enjoyed watching different  types of trailers over the years and how much they have changed.

Looking into the audience was difficult and frustrating at times . There are a lot of shows similar  to mine and it helps that there are so many, because it made looking into the shows a lot easier ,and how I can keep mine different. Keeping the characters good and original is the thing I  am going to focus on the most. When writing the screenplay, the monsters will not be featured a lot, but at certain times to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats.

But hopefully everything will turn out alright in pre- production.