Filming day one-

I shot the outdoor location scenes on Saturday the 21st of April. This was because of two reasons, one being it was a free day when I had another actor, so it made it the best time in which to film. The other reason is that most of my actors work, so I have to film at the weekends.

Also on the week days I have been helping someone else complete there final major project. They helped me out in return by filming one line, two days before the first shoot would start, so that one line would be completed and out of the way.   I then knew I would not have to chase after another actor.

The first scene I officially completed was the alleyway scene. This is where my character Dex hunts down a vampire down the road.


I could not bring up the full clip, but this was the 7th shot in the scene. There was only two of us present at the time.  I had to make sure that my actor was already in the scene and then  I would press record and run into the shot. The screenplay said I had to run. It had me coming out from a corner to the open where my other actor was. After a while my feet were hurting because of my boots I had on and I still have blisters.


I felt this shot looked weird. I did not feel it was aggressive enough, because you could not see my face, only my actors face. The shove was terrible. When I started to edit it though, it began to look better once all the other shoots were put together and it did not look so bad.  I had another shot like this but it was too far away and it did not have the same effect.

Blog pic 4

The second scene Berry meadows park

Blog pic 2

This scene featured the main character Dex jumping over a bush and walking into the distance. It took many takes of me jumping over the shots when well but on the first try I fell over the bush, the last shot of me jumping was the best. There was not that many problems.


Problems during production

During this last week or so I have ran into a lot of problems. I could not film where I orginally intended, because there was a problem with the location being busy and I could not get one of my actors during the day. So I had to scrap the location of the Community Centre all  together and rethink the entire trailer.

Luck would have it, a day later I came up with more ideas. I added new scenes and I managed to put all the scenes that I had previously  filmed into the updated screenplay. Now is like watching an episode trailer rather than watching a whole series, because I knew is was too short notice to ask anyone else. I managed to get one actor back to reprise his role as a vampire.  I wrote in a scene where  he would come back from the dead. I also included a werewolf, but I could not find a costume at short notice.


The Graveyard scene

Pic 1

This scene was mainly used so I could bring back my actor. Let’s face it I was out of ideas. I knew I could not get any more actors, so I changed it to one storyline rather than multiple storylines. It made it easier to film.The shots were simple. I had the actor rise up from the grave, as I would get on my knees and bring the camera up.

Later we used the same location to film us both meeting up but say nothing to each other because it  was all with looks. There was also voice over in this scene but it will be added later. I still have to film a scene with another actor walking up to the graveyard and bringing the vampire back to life. That scene is now done.


The parking lot scene


Pic 2

This scene was also quite simple to shot but all the shots of me look like poop.I had to run with a stick hanging out of my coat.I wanted it to remain hidden but I wanted the stick on me at the same time, because people would be wondering  where did I get that stick. In this scene I kill the vampire again by beating him to death, but you do not see it on screen. In a few shots time you will see the vampire dead and me going mental on the floor. It is rather complex and you would have to see it to understand it.



Blog pic 5

This scene was filmed in Haldon Forest. It had a man running though the forest and being chased by a werewolf and he would encounter the main character Dex. I did not have a werewolf costume, so I had my actor run so that I  would run after him. The camera shot looked shaky and it kind of looks like a dog when they run. Also when filming I did not run normally, every so often I would move the camera on the floor.Later I added in werewolf sound effects to bring it all to life, so that people would know it was a werewolf.


 Digby and Sowton train station

Blog pic 6

This scene was flimed on monday  6th  of June. We took five shots in all for this scene. This scene starts with the Boss waiting at the train station waiting for Dex to arrive to give him a mission briefing.

We took single shots of us talking to each other because there was only two of us. It made it easier because we did not have a lot of time to flim this scene, because this was the only time when my actor would be free. It also made it easier to remember lines. This scene had the most talking out of all the trailer. I only had two lines, they were both very easy to remember where as my actor had more. There is also a scene where I walk off and The boss said, “Don’t kill them”,  which was indicating to the next scene. The nods are something we added in as they were not in the script.