FMP Proposal:

Type of media product- Savage Town- TV trailer – Length- thirty seconds to two minutes and thirty seconds- There may also be an extended cut.


In a world full of nightmares there is only one thing who can put them back into their place, a team of rogue agents have set a Firm to deal with this terror. But the people themselves could be worse.


In to the minds- A man named Chris has been called into an interview with this secret firm. Unknown to him this secret firm has been dealing with monsters, Aliens, Greek myths and ghosts. As he will soon discover this world is better off, not knowing anything.


The boss- A man in his late 40’s. At an early age he began to think there was more to life, but told there was not.  Later he would become a police officer.  The crimes were becoming too strange and he discovered the truth and he could never turn back again.

Dex-   Real name unknown. His past is dark with him being attacked by vampires when he was young and hunted thought out his life. His life with the living would become harder. He was trained in high combat and extreme high pain tolerance because of so many beat downs. In one word he is the b****ard you don’t want to mess with.

Chris- The newest member of the group. He does not have any past but his purpose later is to keep the group in check.  he would have been the character to have been killed off later if the series had been made.

Roger- The leader of the group, he helps to keep everyone in check as he understands all creatures and will not kill. He does not get on with Dex at all and will lose it with him and it will be his undoing.


Exeter Community Centre because of the old buildings

Others will done as soon as the screenplay is finished.


Hopefully older more mature audiences eighteen and over because of the hard-core extreme violence and swearing involved.   And people who like crime dramas, Torchwood, Spooks, Being Human.


Its more props than anything else I will know as soon as the screenplay is done because that will tell me in each seen what is going on.

£1.99 on one gun.


I don’t need it, maybe just actors and to save up money for costumes and props.

Pre production paper work

 Location recce sheets

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A written sheet to show the whereabouts of the locations, that were chosen for this project. I had to take photos and show a location floor plan, which is a plan of where the camera will be during the shooting. It also lets you think about where everything is going to be because you don’t want to walk on to a set, and not even be able to tell where the camera is going to be. All your actors will need to be ready and know what they are doing once you get to your location.




Location permission form

Premission form

Risk assessments

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 All the risks that could happen during the filming “Like falling into a bush and breaking my neck”

Equipment List

1x Panasonic camera

1x tripod

Clapper board

Cast and crew list


Bayley Drew- Dex

David Boocock- The Boss

Jake Hopper- Chris

Dominic Palfreman-  Vampire 1

Camera, Director

Bayley Drew

Support team

Bob Dobson

Karen Bennent

Sceenplay breakdown

A breakdown of what actors you need during each scene and costumes, props, equipment and anything else you may need during one scene. This helps because you don’t have to look at  the entire script for reference during filming.


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 Call sheets

The action plan,  the people you need on each day.


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 Production schedule

The plan for the first week. This helps me know what days  I am filming ,even though the first week went down the drain because the of actors schedules.

Prouduction sheahele