Audit and Knowledge Sheet (Unit 11, 1.1)Self audit sheet

Media CV 2017


Research Looking at volunteering and radio work

Looking into university courses.

The first course I looked at was a Film and TV full time course in Brighton.  The course is three years and you spend most of it doing TV work in the studios. Also understanding social media.


The second is a creative course in Cornwall. This course has a variety of things that interested me including Narrative short stories and documentary and learning script to screen.

The third is the university of Hertfordshire. This course seems to be an interesting one with them offering Animation, special effects and model desgin and they state they work with Warner bro’s, Pinewood and Elstree studios.  Some students and staff have the opportunity to work on major films

The fourth I looked at was in Bristol. I liked the modules in the course, being, creative producer, designing screen fiction,an expimerimental short film. Thats all just in the first year.

The final university I looked was in Staffordshire becuase they offer some good employment placements and contacts such as the BBC and  ITV. They also have had students work on hollywood films, such as James Bond and the X-men

After looking at these placements it has me interested, if I was going to choose I would be somewhere closer to home and more Practical, because I don’t like all the theory side of things.  Even though they seem interesteing they are a bit far out of reach, because I would  have to pay for fees.  I know that you can get funded, I just don’t want a big chunk of debt lying around and I would be worried about it always being there. I also would have to find somewhere to stay and it would have to be the right place to stay, meaning I couldnt just live anywhere. Some of  the courses of the modules put me off. I am also worried that there may still be paperwork, and I would rather not do that anymore.

I also don’t think I would get into some of the uni’s because I have not passed GSCE maths and that might stop me from getting in.

I would rather find work exeperience somewhere and learn hands on.


For work experience I have been looking at local radio stations  mainly Radio Exe and BBC radio Devon. However they don’t offer out work experience on their website and I plan to send a email within the next few weeks and finish my CV and Media CV. I am interested in doing radio because I have a good understanding in how it works. I have done radio as part of enrichment at college and ran two projects upon it in level two and level three.

I want to try and get some experience  so I can understand how radio works day to day and witness how they run the programmes and see how the production is like.

This may even give me a chance to pick up a few contacts along the way ,or may  even lead to a part time job if I am lucky enough.

I am interested in a lot of things and I am open to do anything. I have former clients that I have worked with, that allready have more poetentail clients that I can work with.  I also want to try out different fields such as, working behind the scenes on Thearte, so that I can see the differance between stage acting and sceen acting. I would also like to find a local media production company making a film, so I can see first hand what goes on during filming.

I am going to research local theatre  companies   or work exeperince and see if they offer any posts, such as The northcott theatre,  Exeter university and Little theatre company.




I looked in serval Apprenticeship placements ,some of the one I have looked  have been with the big TV companies BB1, ITV and Channel four. Where they offer you a part time post working and getting to know the bisnuess and even having the chance to work on some of thier upcoming programme.

I was going to try and submit a from for channel four, but the last deadline ran out and thier will not be another for another three mouths or so. When the window to submit come along again I will enter my CV and exeprince in.

I also been looking a placements within the local area, but I haven’t found anyhting of interested yet and most of seem to be dinning work.

The main apprenticeship I looked into was independent film companies base in the south west.  I did not have mush luck in finding anything, however since producing  a corporate film for one of my clients I may have an apprenticeship lined up.


Update 2018

I was emailing radio Exe back in Dec 2017,and they manged to get back to me after sending a cover letter of why I was interested in doing work exeprince  for them.

I meet up with the the producter of radio Exe. Where we dissus my exeprinces in radio and film. We also talk about the audince and listeners. I talked about my interest in news reading and witting stories for film, TV and my voice inpressions.

I  was offred work exeprince from the 20th of Jan 2018.


Showreel 2017



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