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Mortimer Film Evaluation by SM for Bayley Drew – November 2017

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Corporate video analysis


I decided to look a relevant companies for my corporate client video as my client is a manager of social housing for vulnerable people. I looked at some videos on YouTube and found that most were not that good or that well made.

Impumelolo– African social housing.

Targets- Low income families or single parents.

Purpose- To try and inform, possibly attract funders and there is a lots of shots of children to possibly pull on people’s heartstrings.

Lighting- A mix of natural outdoors, sunshine and indoor offices. There is no colour correction and looks very bland and uninteresting.

Music- Twinkly happy music.

Style- Documentary like, lots of people talking giving stats. The talks of facilities but actual of it. Very wordy, with the typography looking really basic and cheap and it and doesn’t look attractive.

Improvements- They could with a new video to make it more attractive, to show more of the facilities and less information.

Grand Union

 Purpose- To advertise and promote to potential clients.

Style- Put like a news showreel, very info based, not emotive, interviewing the chief executive. The company who made the video put the video in many parts online and it feels they shoved way too much in one minute. With sometimes using slip screen but it insent very effective.

Music- Cheerful, bouncy but very basic and adds to the mess.

Shots and lighting- Outdoors, natural light and indoor, terrible, makes C.E.O look shiny again with the video no colour correction was used and the video feels very washed down making everything just look very bland and not appealing.

They try to make the typography look stylistic, buy making look all wavy an impressive but it just looks awful. It’s the kind of affects you would get on movie maker.

Again they could do with a new video that showed more of the clients and human personally making there residents look comfortable. That shows there actual product, and business they are trying to sell rather than info.



 Aire view care home

Purpose- To advertise to potential old people clients.

Style- Voiceover of the shots of people in communal actives, bright, lots of shots of affection. This is the best of the three that I have watched and it is clear more time and money was spend on it. Not only is there voiceover but there is also interviews with the clients that stay there and shots of the inside and outside to give you a real look at the place. But at times it does feel a little cheesy and can at some points can be hard to watch.

Shots- Slow panning, linking the whole thing together and the video feels very smooth and real professnial.

Typography- Is used quiet a lot throughout, but not overused. The text is simple and straight forward and simple but works to the film effect.

Lighting- It highlights the selling point of being clean and bright. Like a hotel. The lighting is very basic purely because of the setting and you would have time to do a full set up of a lighting studio.

The locations of the piece have a mixture of indoor and doors and the interviews take place in bright places to add more effect and make it more appealing to the viewer who is watching.

Improvements- With this video there is less to improve. It could be less cheesy because if I was an old person it might put me off just a bit. There seems to be no men in the whole video. Making me wonder if it is just a home for old woman? They could also make it better for the sons and daughters who are watching as well, because they want it to be a bit more serious and the cheesieness may put them off.




Name: St Sidwells




Research exploring your clients history, brand identity and ethos.

A Community centre based in a former church in Exeter that offers many chances for anybody in the community, even those with special needs they help them by providing cooking classes, English classes, fitness classes They are an impendent charity. There branding is simple and there front is basic.


They provide a café for people to look into the projects they do, by having leaflets in the back of the café. You can also find information by asking the staff within the café.



Detailed explanation of the client’s requirements and the opportunities and limitations of the brief you have negotiated with them


 With a company like this, you would mainly expect them to focus on the café. Because that’s where most of the activies and money comes from.

What is your overall intention with this suite of idents? What are you hoping to achieve? What sort of corporate identity are you hoping to create? Are you starting a new brand or re-branding an existing product? How do you hope to appeal to your target audience?


I would have the film aimed people on the social grade E to appeal to those who cannot find work as easily as others, or elderly people who can no longer work, and find café’s an easy place out get and socialise The tone would be quite layback because I would not want it to be too informal and more show the people who would watch it, what it is that they do and how you can found them by going to their café and joining there sessions.


Including full synopsis, any specific issues of style or use of technology

 film would begin with an outside shot of the centre, the camera would slowly pull in. I would then like to cut to the general day to day of what happens in the café. Some of the staff making coffees and cakes and various other meals. I would cut to some of the staff talking about their jobs and the other things they are able to do there.  I would then interview the manger and what he tries to bring to St Sidwells.  The purpose would be to bring them more clients and more money would mean more sessions.

The only issues I think I might face is with permissions to film, either staff or customers. Because the customers may just want to get on with what they are doing and some of the staff may be a bit camera shy and will not want to be in the film.


Another problem I may face is if I film in the kitchen and some hot food may be around and it could damage the equipment.


With the camera shots I would try to shot the whole centre, including the garden, I would take long shots to close up shots and cutaways of some objects.


Then I would head in the centre itself and shot everything within the building.


With the café is where I would get most shots, with close ups of the staff working and extreme close up the food, to make people nail bit at the screen.



Name: Exeter little theatre company




Research exploring your clients history, brand identity and ethos.

A theatre company based in Exeter. That has run since 1954 that induces a wardrobe department, workshops and a coffee bar. They are employed by Exeter city council. There quiet a small company with their website offering many chances to try out or work for them and they try to get younger people involved in their productions.

[But I think you may need some acting experience in acting because they do Pantomime


Detailed explanation of the client’s requirements and the opportunities and limitations of the brief you have negotiated with them



Because they are only a small company, they would most likely want me to make it as big as it could possibly be! They would want to bring as much interest as possible and the fact they are employed but the council, you would most likely have run it past them as well.   The brief would go over what dates I would be filming at and the days in which they run their theatre groups.


What is your overall intention with this suite of idents? What are you hoping to achieve? What sort of corporate identity are you hoping to create? Are you starting a new brand or re-branding an existing product? How do you hope to appeal to your target audience?


The target audience I think would be a Social grade C1 orC2 because the people who watch plays and theatre would have to be very smart and have patient for newly trained actors who are just starting out. Because these are some of the higher social grades, the film would have to be very professional and edited very smoothly.


If I was to aim for these social grades, they would likely have more money and have an interest in joining them or watching their productions.


I would want to change the company more of just capture what they do and bring it worldwide to bring this company more attention.


Including full synopsis, any specific issues of style or use of technology

I would ask if some of their other productions have been filmed and may offer them a show reel and then I would make them a documentary of what they do in Exeter. I would film Rehearsals, beginnings of their projects and Interviews with actors and some of the people who run it.


The show reel would be 2 minutes

The reason I would make them a showreel because it condenses down there productions, into just clips. Viewers would find it easier to watch if you’re watching anything from them for the first time and it’s also a good way to show off.


The only issue I think would be the permission forms and actually getting the film pass the council.


For main film the shots would be very basic as I would film them talking at the beginning of their sessions and have look around in case I would find anything else hanging around.


I would film a lot of their rehearsals because then you can see how their productions progress from week one to the final week before a show.

I would also get cutaways for their costume cupboard to show people what it looks like.


The last thing I get would be interviews with some of the actors and the people that run the company and ask questions on why you started this production company.





Names: Westward housing , Exeter little theatre company, St Sidwells




Research exploring your clients history, brand identity and ethos.


Westward housing


A housing company based all around the UK that provides social housing for those who cannot afford regular homing and offering houses to those people who maybe more Vulnerable. They are a non-profit organisation and work with the community. Their logo and text is quite simple and basic. Their information is limited and there is insent really a lot on there, and most of it you have to find out by either emailing them or phoning them up.


Detailed explanation of the client’s requirements and the opportunities and limitations of the brief you have negotiated with them



A scoping document and storyboard or detailed summary of the planned content to start with.   Plan a shot list and storyboard to bring into the next meeting. Provide a list of agreed planned uses for the film, including something to say that Westward housing Group will have approval controls over any uses that are not listed.



What is your overall intention with this suite of idents? What are you hoping to achieve? What sort of corporate identity are you hoping to create? Are you starting a new brand or re-branding an existing product? How do you hope to appeal to your target audience?


The target audience is quite clear, because the housing group is specific people on low income, they’re also do a support service for older people.


The current website seems quite limited. It’s wordy and information based without giving people a feel of things visually, I think it would really help both the housing group and potentially clients, if something was presented that a presented   a more emotive content, such as more friendly or comfortable it might be.


I would like to portray an identity that is quite caring and supportive due to some of the clients being vulnerable or elderly. This would complement and enhance this.


To appeal to the clients I would like shoot on a normal day with real life situations going to show caring interactions between people.


However some plans may change because the company’s board must go over my plan and decide whether they want it this way or not.


Including full synopsis, any specific issues of style or use of technology


The first thing I am going to do is try and make the video faster paced and not just interview one person. Because I have seen other corporate videos and noticed that there is too much talking, and not giving a general basic visual upon their clients or the building where there company is based.


I need to check permissions for the residents that stay there, just in case I can’t film them, or they may not want to be filmed. Some residents after a few years may withdraw their consent because they don’t want to be associated with there past.


It would change a lot of things if I couldn’t get permission, because I would have to rethink the whole video.


The camera I will use a lot of panning shots and close up on objects.


And shots of the building.


Weather could be an issue for lighting and mode.


The narrative will involve edited interviews with some of the clients and the people that work there, and there daily routines of what they do day to day. Also the fertilles and an inside of a flat, so the future clients will get an idea of what it’s like to live there.


The length of the video will be three minutes long, I think if it’s longer people may be uninterested if you make it any longer.


With the editing, I plan to make it smooth and clean cut, to make look perfessiaol. I add text boxes to the staff and who they are in the company.
































































Client emails



Meeting records

Planning corporate film

Interview questions

To Stewart Mason

_ what are the selling points, that you want to put across?

ie- friendly caring, facilities, rent?

_ Talk about the contract on residents, actual times, and difference between speaking and non-speaking.

_Seeing if they have a garden because it might bring more interest to the video.

_Slowing the cornerstone video?

_Interviewing employees- when, how do I arrange that, can I just talk to them? Or do I have to arrange it first?

_ any specific places that I am not allowed to film in without permission?

_ Do would music in the piece.


Questions for the Mortimer house film


_ Residents questions

_ Do you feel as if you get enough space when living in your flat?

_ But if the residents want company, can they get it?

_ Are there any activities

_ how many people get involved?

_ what makes the staff want to work there?

_ How can you get into Mortimer house?


Mortimer House film Proposal         6/10/17


My idea is to have a three-minute to four minute film about Mortimer house and what it’s like to live there. Featuring interviews with the staff and clients. The video will also feature cutaways of the building, and an inside of an empty studio, so that when a client will watch the video they will no what to expect.


I want to do this way to make feel friendlier and so the clients won’t be put off by the guys in suits.


I aim to make the audience for young people who are more vulnerable than others, who cannot find a place to live with earlier, a condition or past problems. That are on social grade E and have not real source of income.


My ambition is have the video bring in new potential clients, and also to give a basic understanding of the rent and pay.


I Plan to have the video shot within two days (TBA) and edited before the 10th of November.


I will use simple music and make sure it is royalty free, so that there aren’t any copyright issues.


I will prepare a shot list and storyboard before the days of shooting, so that when I get there, I will know what to shoot right away.


The shots will include a full wide shot of the outside building, shots of the inside of the building, using panning shots and close ups and some shots of the staff working and the clients use the facilities.


I plan to film at least three interviews from the staff. Including the building manger and asking questions such as. “What do you do here at Mortimer house”?


An interview script will also be prepared beforehand, so the questions won’t come off the blue and to stay on topic, also to not ask anything personal.


I will not film anyone without their permission and understand if a client will withdraw from their consent.


I hope I have made my intentions clear.

Bayley Drew


Please sign underneath if you agree to my proposal.



Print name:




Shot list:


Shot one: EXT, shot of the outside of the building, panning


Shot two: INT, panning shot off the office and people working there.


Shot three: INT, Corridor shots of the outsides of the flats.


Shot four: INT, Office room interview with one off the staff.


Shot five: INT, library, panning shots of the area.


Shot six: INT, the gaming room, interview and shots of the area.


Shot seven: INT, Cutaways of the stairs.


Shot eight: INT, An empty flat.


Shot nine: INT, The main office, interview with the manager.


Shot ten: INT, Shots of the general day.



Edit one










Finished film



Corporate film Evaluation


The Corporate film I made is fit for their purposes. The video helped the staff really think about their jobs and what they do, it proved to be refection and learning experience in what the residents said about the staffs and make them up there great and they better themselves.

My client did say there might be issues realising it publicly as some of the clients may not want to associated with their past, we discussed that it would remain a private video, only showing to my client and the rest of their staffs and in the future they could put it on there website.

I stated that I would make a three to four minute film and I did, I kept to the storyboard and proposal and nothing changed throughout production. The only thing that changed was the final questions for the residents and that was just making them acceptable to all and make sure nothing personal was asked.


Was the client happy?

The client was very happy and always up to day with emails and getting to me. They were very happy in getting involved in the video. They liked the video and my main client stated the content kept them interested in what was being presented

My main client also said I kept the residents at ease and they feel comparable being interviewed and the staff enjoyed being involved in the film.

They also said I was very good at getting back to them in good time and how creative and on the ball I was during filming and I said precisely what I was going to do.


Will they use it for their business?

They may put the video on the website, but we agreed that it would say private for the time being.  This is most likely because it might be needed to taken up higher than my client and they may have different mindset to the final video.

What could you have improved about the final product?

Would I improve anything if I were to do this project again? The only thing that could have made it better is better equipment, because I fed up using my own gear and if I were work for a client I would better equipment and look more professional, rather than turn up with my tiny camera. It would have also made the video just a bit shaper and crisper.


Did you make any changes to your corporate video?

I only made a few changes, the idea mainly stayed the same. The only think that changed were the interview questions





Through a family member I heard about this corporate film, they wanted me to make.  I found the managers email and contacted him that way and he said everything would be fine. We then had a phone call discussing various things, such as ideas and what the purpose of the film would be.  Anything we needed to discuss either was through email or a phone call.

If there was anything important I needed to show or tell my client I would send it through email, so that I could refer back to it and so my client would get any paperwork immediately, and so if any changes needed to be made to any of the paperwork it could be done.

On the day of shooting I was quite proactive and clear what I wanted to do, I would explain any shoots beforehand so none of the staff or residents would get confused. I would also run though the questions beforehand to make sure the person I was interviewing felt comfortable on camera.

Before the day of shooting I was aware of the time schedule pushing on, so I sent an email to clarify this and got a response, resulting in filming in the soonest possible week.

My client disappeared a lot during the day of shooting, this could have been a problem if I needed to check anything, I could have texted him of any problems but in the event everything was fine, because we arranged everything before the day of shooting.

I think the communication overall was very good, it helped that the client was on board and knew what he was doing.

I enjoyed working freelance because it was easier and you only have to answer to yourself, and work to your on schedules, it means you can take control of things. I suppose I am happy with the responsibility, you don’t have guidelines and I am happy making my own guidelines.

Some clients don’t give a lot of creative freedom, which doesn’t feel as enjoyable, but in this case I was give quite a lot of creative scope, a lot of it was up to me whether things got done or not.

Doing the research helped in knowing what I had to do and I knew I could go back to it if was stuck.

Working with a real life client was just like working with anybody else, it is not the first time working for someone else. It does not feel any different, from a college project. The first time contacting my client was a bit nerve racking, but once the first email was sent, I felt a bit better about it. `I was lucky in having a constructive client which made it easy.

Would I want a future in Corporate Film making? I’m already getting more offers. I wouldn’t mind doing it for a few years, but I don’t think I would want to work long term in that field, because anyone can really do it and I prefer being creative and making films. I would like to self employed for a few years, but I would rather work for a company and know I had fixed job with a contract.







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