Savage Town trailer sceenplay

Ext/Day/a building:

The camera pans over the building as the camera zooms in closer.


The camera moves though the corridors.

Int/Day/in the building:

The doors opens as behind a table the boss is sat down at a chair.


Chris and Roger are moving though the corridor, as the camera is moving backwards.

Int/Day/the office:

The two men walk in. The Boss stands up, as Chris walks up towards the table.


Who are you? Why did you send for me?


We are in need of your skills. This planet has terrors, which many are unaware off.  Let’s just say some of us noticed. That’s the purpose of this place.


But what for ?


In time you will find out that question.


Ext/night/Alley way:

Another man walks though the night, he looks around him. A man starts to move from the shadows. As the man tries to run, the figure shoves him in to the wall.


It’s passed midnight vampire, you should be inside before the sun burns you to death.


Ha. You really think you scare me, who are you anyway?


I am Dex! I am your worse nightmare!

As he raises his weapon, the vampire screams.

Fade out-

Int/Day/Abandoned building:

Chris is walking up the stairs. Crawling comes from under the stairs coming behind him; a sinister laugh gets louder as Chris makes his way to a cellar. Roger is three steps behind him. Then they open the door. The growl rises.


Dex is waiting behind a bush, with his alien gun at hand, and he jumps over the bush. The camera passes him.


[Voice over]

This job is dangerous, more dangerous than anything. We hunt them down; I think we may be the real monsters in the end.

Int/the stairs:

A ghost is staring at Roger.

Ext/night/an alley way:

A vampire gathering.


These people who ever they are they declared war on us! Do they think that we are       just going to do fuck all!

Ext/outside a factory:

Dex is walking outside it, with his gun raised.

Int/the office:

Roger is walking up to the boss’s table.


Sir with all respect, they are coming for us, and this all your fault for starting it.

The boss ducks his head.

Int/In the factory:

Dex bursts into the door, as a man is thrown onto to the floor as Dex kicks the table.


At last!

Dex looks down and does not back down and shoots.

Int/The office:

The boss is stood behind the table.


Dex you have gone too far!


What the fuck have you done?


He has made our mess worse, don’t you think I got enough shit to     clear          up. Everything is on our trail.


Well-done mate.

Dex stares him the face.


Ha. You think you can just fire me. Wait and see.

He walks off. And he stops.


I will be back.

Fade out.

Int/the office:

Dex returns as he starts to go insane and throws chairs around. He stops and falls to the floor. And laughs. Roger tries to stop him.


What the fuck has happened to you?

Dex laughs in his face.

Fade out-

Int/the office:

The boss is stood by the window and turns around, as Roger is stood behind. Chris looks behind him. Dex enters.


Welcome to the worse place on earth. Welcome to Savage Town.

Cut to black.

Gunshots fire, the titles appear and they drip blood.


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